Record data eg. exam results

Saturday, Apr 26, 2014

Step 1. Create a Process step

Visit Automation/Steps/New


  • Name is used in the management of of Process Steps, linking them to process rules etc, eg. Exam results

  • Short Title is used when viewing the status of a course date or document (registration/enquiry) you are limited to 6 letters or numbers, eg. Results

  • Title is the Label used when the course administrator views the process step in the drop down list when updating a document or course date, eg. Enter exam results

  • Record type is either the course date (for all participants) or the document (for a particular participant), eg. Document

  • Percent complete is the progress through the workload of management the course, eg. enquiry = 0%, attending =50% completed evaluation form = 100%, eg. 75

  • Effect on enquiries and effect on registrations is only if you want to reduce of increase this number, eg. setting up transfers, cancellations or new registrations/enquiries.

  • Due (days) means the days before (negative numbers) or after (positive numbers) that the process step should be done - this is used to display if something is overdue in the status view, eg 7

  • internal type does not usually need to be selected.

  • A brief description will assist anyone else who is wondering what this process step is for eg. to gather exam results.

Step 2 Add the process step to the process path

Visit Automation/Paths/Edit

Begin editing the existing document process path where you would like to add the capturing of data. Add it by clicking on the green + icon between above an existing process step of your choice. For now just select the process step (by using the lightning bolt) and tick Summary so that the process step appears in the document status view to show what work has been done.

Next you need to create the fields and forms to then select for the internal form on the new process step on the process path.

Step 3 Create the fields you want to capture

Visit Forms/Fields/New

Tip: When naming fields it can be a good idea to be consistent with names e.g. if you have multiple exam results to record the following might be a suitable list of field names (this groups the fields together):

  • Exam results: Beginner
  • Exam results: Intermediate
  • Exam results: Guidance

Step 4 Create a form

Visit Forms/Forms/New

Tip: Always make status ‘active’ if you wish to use that item, otherwise you will not be able to use it, making an item ‘inactive’ will mean it cannot be used to enter data, this can cause problems if it is expected to be used!

Step 5 Add your fields to the form

Add the fields by clicking on the green + button.

Add a section heading for the following fields if you wish eg. ‘Exam results’, Select the field name by clicking on the arrow, or type its name, do not select or enter any other fields for now.

Step 6 Add the form to the process step on the process path

Visit Automation/Paths/Edit

Find the process step that will be used to gather the exam results and choose from the ‘internal forms’ menu the form that you just created. Save the process path.

To check that you have correctly set up your new process step open a document that uses that process path and see if the process step appears on the process step drop down list. If it does, selecting it should show the form just below, allowing you to enter the details of the exam results.

The most likely reason is that you have not published the form, you need to edit the form, ‘save & preview’ then ‘publish’. If that does not help double check that you have added the form to the correct process step in the process path.