Troubleshooting Fields, Forms and Contacts

Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014

Use the following check list to analyze why some information in fields might be lost, contacts are not being created or forms are not working as expected:

  • Check that you are using EXACTLY the same field if you want the data to carry through from one form to the next.

  • The contact form receiving the data from the document form must NOT have any mandatory fields that are not also mandatory on the the document form, a sensible way to ensure this is not an issue is to make NO fields on the contact form mandatory

  • Confirm that the correct forms are being used (check using IDs, not just names, as these can have case differences but look the same, or be inactive as forms but NOT inactive as published forms)

  • Check using simulate (the cog link when looking at workflow history for a process step of a given document) that the correct process rule is being applied

  • Check that the field you are using (if it is a special internal type like ‘Customer email’ or ‘Agreed price’) is the only one with the assigned ‘Internal type’ doubling up on these (even if draft or inactive) can cause problems. Check this by deselecting the filter for status to not selected, and filter by each special time, there should be no more than one per special type.

  • If you have multiple requests by customers to multiple forms are you using the API link calls or are you using manually created URLs? Manually created links can cause problems.

  • If you send us details about your problem (and the above tips don’t help) please send us:

    • The analysis you have done looking at simulate (see above)

    • The URL of the site having problems

    • Access (user names and passwords) perhaps include these in separate methods of communication like phone/sms etc.

    • A specific document external reference that is causing the problem eg. QYG4YIF

    • List the expected forms used for contact (eg. FormId=2020) and the document (eg. FormId=2018)

Mandatory fields that require just one or two characters

If you have a field that requires just a single or double character, eg Street Number, you will need to specify “Min Length” on the configuration of the field. This is because by default assumes a minimum length of 3 characters. To make the field accept a string length of less than three, and be mandatory you must manually enter 1 or 2. REMEMBER: Save & Publish ALL forms that use the field when making changes, ie contact forms, and document forms.

Fields available as variables in the picker (email and PDF templates)

Fields displayed for use in the picker are gathered from the active published forms the list includes all fields that are on any Published Forms for the record type - eg Documents. So, even if a Field has since been marked as Inactive, if it is on a Form then it is available to be used in emails.