This page will give you a quick walkthrough, visit the demonstration page to see more. You might also get more of a feel for Course Sales from our Case Studies.

This includes Course Masters and scheduled Course Dates.  These are at the heart of

This shows the online forms functions that let public users enquire and register for a course place.

This shows how configuration data such as course categories, locations, roles, file and note types are set up.

This shows the administration screens for managing content such as Course Descriptions, Venue Descriptions, outbound email templates, PDF content, your Terms and Conditions and information that will show on your online forms.

A key feature of our approach is that this content can be written once and used many times.

You may also use as the Content Management System for your public web site.

This shows the administration screens for searching courses, enquiries and registrations.

This shows how currencies, tax, payment types and catalog entries are configured

This shows how permissions and access are configured