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Support plan


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Establishment Package


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  • 2 years AVETMISS import
  • Certificate & invoice import
  • 6 week implementation option
  • Additional integration

This license includes AVETMISS/USI reporting and is designed for those RTOs that are are established. You are looking to grow, take advantage of a modern cloud-based software system and no longer be constrained by user license limits. You have access to add-ons including Learning Management Systems, co-providers, website integration, financial integration, portals for students and trainers. This license requires at lease the Standard Support plan. Enjoy it, use it, have fun!

Standard plugins

These require limited expertise and can be completed by a competent IT professional.

AVETMISS/USI $660 + GST per year

Essential for Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Includes AVETMISS fields for submission of NCVER NAT files for state or national reporting. This includes all data relevant to courses, locations, units and qualifications

Assessment $660 + GST per year

Allows the creation of self-marked multichoice assessments. These can be used to measure language literacy and numeracy, theory content, ASQA student surveys, feedback surveys and advanced quizzes for pre and post course evaluation.

Xero $660 + GST per year

For advanced financial reporting, group invoicing and avoiding double data entry. Create contacts and invoices within Xero. You can add categories for reporting. Requires application set up within Xero and API credentials.

Website and hosting $660 + GST per year

This is an off-the-shelf website that takes enrolments. Professionally designed, changes beyond this standard setup can be performed by us, you or your IT expert. Wordpress plugin included in license.

Geckoboard sales data $660 + GST per year

Displays uptodate sales data on current sales, past sales, integrates with facebook, social media, paypal, CRM relative to the previous month, year etc.

Advanced plugins

These plugins require advanced knowledge and guidance from engineers. The implementation depends on your specific needs and is therefore on a time and materials (per hour) basis, this work is not included in the establishment fee.

Advanced administration access $660 + GST per year

Provides extra control for those wanting to experiment with your business operations. Advanced administration access includes power to add: fields, forms, process paths, steps and rules, new branches, locations, qualifications, course module.

Co-providers/partners $660 + GST per year

For managing organisations that deliver training on your behalf; tailored PDF certificates, portal access, send emails on their behalf, enrol students, upload sign in sheets. Note this is not for agents - it is included in the base license.

Moodle $660 + GST per year

For managing e-learning using an enterprise level Learning Management System. Students log into to moodle, then updates the outcomes. Note that a LMS server is required or can be supplied (see below).

Basic integrated LMS/website server $3,625 per year

This dedicated Learning Management System/website will handle low to moderate loads, but may respond slowly from time to time if there are many users on at the same time; (4 CPU, 15gb memory with 80gb storage). Requires server configuration.

Advanced integrated LMS/website server $6,960 per year

This dedicated Learning Management System/website will handle moderate to high loads and multiple students accessing more complex data; (8 CPU, 15gb memory with 100gb storage, located in Sydney). Requires server configuration.

Server configuration $4,800 initial configuration

Configuration of backups, software, security patches, integration with, mail, domain management, required modules and functions to deliver service required for customers.

Feature not included?

We operate on a bounty basis, for new features; for as little as $1000 you can invest in a new feature you need; when the bounty is reached we develop and release the new function and you get it.

Once off additional items

Custom report using existing data $720 + GST

For views on existing data that we don’t currently offer - we will provide you with the tools to create this customised report in your preferred format eg onscreen or download file, ask us for a quote to more than 3 reports and new data reports.

Import additional AVETMISS data $450 + GST

If our establishment package (see step 4) does import all the data you require then you can add additional data to the offering. We import AVETMISS 7 and 8 records.

10 hours of discounted configuration/tutorials $900 + GST

Usually this would cost $1,200+GST so it is significantly discounted for use in the next 12 months if you need us to do additional configuration beyond the establishment activities.

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) aka digital signing $245 + GST

Lets an organization take responsibility for a message that is in transit. Technically DKIM provides a method for validating a domain name identity that is associated with a message through cryptographic authentication. We supply you the cryptographic keys and instructions for your IT staff to implement.

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