Training Industry Newsletter May 2013

The May 2013 Training Industry Newsletter: filming, Google and YouTube

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Sales & marketing focus: Using Google to sell training courses

Google offers many software services to help you with your training company. Some are focused on marketing, such as Google+ where a social media interaction with customers is possible, by asking them to "+1" your or add you to their 'circles'. This means that they may then see your postings, which might intice them to purchase your training or for them to tell others about you. Optimising your website so that it increases in its ranking on search engines (not just Google) can be achieved by using features like Content Experiments within Google analytics. Google Adwords (where google makes most of its money) is advertising where you only pay for clicks, but you might pay high prices depending on how many others want your chosen keywords in your geographical region.

Online and facilitated events: If you want to learn more about using Google to maximise the promotion and sales of your training courses there is an online event 10 May, 10am AEST for 45 minutes and on the same date there is also a facilitated presentation at 1pm in the Brisbane Library. If you can't attend sign up to receive the handout and slides: Register now

Techie talk: Filming for YouTube

Professional film makers need not be required for YouTube videos and are usually outside the budget of most training organisations. When recording video of your trainers keep in mind that the final output will be the measure of training by your organisation. If you have trainers with various styles (entertainers, professionals, lecturers) and wish to promote all these then you may want to consider covering each style. Trainers may wish to be filmed in their presentation environment eg. in front of a whiteboard, in a lecture theatre or with a group. He or she may feel more comfortable but it creates challenges for sound and lighting, much of which cannot be easily fixed in post-production. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your filming:

1. Plan what will be said, expect to film 10-20 shots of the same scene, have the presenter practise the dialog script any diagrams or moving around.

2. Ensure that you can control all light, and that the lighting has a number of different sources to remove shadows.

3. Where possible use a wireless collar microphone not just the microphone on the camera. Avoid using webcams, these have poor visual quality and capture poor sound quality

4. When lighting the environment try to make sure there are limited shadows or harsh colours on any one side, be aware of reflections on whiteboards.

5. Consider fixing any content mistakes or absences with post production banners or text.

6. During post production use music for the intro and credits, if publishing on youtube include a still shot with instructional text for linking to another film and 'to subscribe to your channel'

Training company market view: CC Learning

A different training company every time... to be featured contact

CC Learning has two full time trainers and six part time contract trainers. It trains between 500-1000 people each year. The Queensland market has been particularly tough in the past 12 months and CC Learning does not expect things to improve in the next 12 months. Marketing is mainly though the internet using Google adwords, social media and email communication. The majority of sales are on the internet, and predominantly generated through word of mouth, existing customer account relationships and resellers. Low cost carrier style competitors are entering the market so putting pricing pressure on even high quality training. Automated training administration, a flexible workforce and exposure to multiple markets have helped insulate CC Learning from these pricing and sales dips. CC Learning was established in 1996 in New Zealand, 2002 in the UK and 2003 in Australia, Delivering project and programme management training to corporates and government agencies. The majority of training is delivered in New Zealand and Queensland.

Trending topics

Topics currently trending in Australia over the past 90 days are:

  • cake decorating classes
  • dance classes brisbane
  • dance classes perth
  • english classes
  • first aid training
  • traffic control course
  • real estate course
  • excel training

Background about trending topics

Using the topics and search terms used by people when using Google or YouTube can be problematic, ask anyone who advertises using Google adwords. 'Training' for example has many other uses such as training horses, training with weights and military training. So instead we try to narrow down the options by excluding specific terms, eg. -military -horses, or searching for specific phrases like 'training course' or completely different words like 'class'. If you have terms that describe your training please let us know and we can watch out for trends.

Some online content providers are known to use trending topics to create articles, thereby obtaining the most visitors to their pages but also meeting a need for information about a particular topic. When ricin was recently sent to President Obama a spike in searches for 'ricin' would be expected, if you have a training course about the first aid response to poisons then it seems sensible for you to republish any pages to include the word 'ricin' (in context), for those who might want additional information. Of course, you must include that content in your training to fulfil the expectations of those who register.

Where we look for trending topics:


Here are events planned in the next few months (local and international) that might interest you:


  • Using Google to sell training courses ONLINE (10am AEST) OR FACILITATED - BOTH FREE 1pm 10 May, Brisbane Library, this presentation will give real world examples of how the products are used and what we tried and didn't work. You will also get hints when not to use google for your business solution, with a focus on how to help you sell or promote your training courses.
  • ASTD 19-22 May, Dallas Texas, this premier event for workplace learning and development professionals welcomes 8,000 attendees from more than 70 countries. These professionals manage all aspects of learning in their organizations. From CEO to specialist, from dean to student, ASTD 2013 welcomes people from across the globe.


  • Edutech 3-5 June, Brisbane, EduTECH is the region's only event that brings together leaders from across the entire life-span of learning (including K-12 school education, tertiary education and enterprise, business and government learning) with government and suppliers, to discuss high-order, strategic opportunities technology offers for improving learning outcomes.
  • Using social media to increase training course bookings ONLINE (10am AEST) OR FACILITATED - BOTH FREE 1pm 14 June, Brisbane Library, face to face training is by definition a social activity between the trainer, administrator and the participants. Extending this to the online environment for pre-course and post-course interaction will ensure learning outcomes can be maximised and repeat sales are more likely.
  • mLearnCon 2013 Mobile Learning Conference & Expo 18-20 June, San Jose California, is designed for professionals looking to build new technical skills and expertise in the tools, technologies and strategies for mobile learning development. mLearning DevCon offers close to 40 sessions to help you learn how to actually create mobile learning, all led by experts in the field.


  • Taking online bookings - a checklist ONLINE (10am AEST) OR FACILITATED - BOTH FREE 1pm 12 July, Brisbane Library, the benefits of online bookings are huge; save time, gather accurate data, give real-time responses to queries, take bookings and payments 24-7. You will be walked you through some options, and given a checklist to help you make the best choice.
  • Building Healthy Minds 13-15 July, Brisbane, The theme is Building Healthy Minds. We believe the stimulating and diverse program is sure to provide value and guidance to people working in psychology, counselling, social work, mental health, neuroscience, education and early childhood.
  • Visible Learning International Conference 18 & 19 July, Brisbane, Deepen your understanding about the impact educators have on student achievement and learning. The program offers a wide range of innovative and practical workshop sessions presented by classroom teachers, school executives, educational consultants and regional administrators who are implementing Visible Learning.


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